Friday, December 13, 2013

New York Metallists MARTYRD Return With New Single, Video and Tour Plot

There are few metal bands at the moment that manage to merge melody with technicality as expertly as New York City's Martyrd does. And as evidenced by their new single/video, "Faceless," the band continues to grow stronger with each successive release. Produced at Westfall Recording Company with engineers
Anthony Lopardo and Raymond Marte, it doesn't take long to discover that "Faceless" is a brutal whiplash of power and precision.

Comprised of singer Aaron Pollard, guitarists Michael Andreas and Mike Kitsos, bassist Brian Nichols, and drummer Adam Birula, Martyrd has quickly made a name for themselves on the US east coast, and with extensive touring projected  for
2014, plan to spread the word far and beyond. Their last album, 2012's sophomore effort, 'The Mortal Coil,' saw the group on tour with six-string legend Yngwie Malmsteen, while gaining praise from the metal press, including Guitar World Magazine, which proclaimed Martyrd was "A melee of blistering riffs and soaring vocal melodies sure to please fans of both Kreator and Symphony X.”

"'Faceless' is my new favorite," explains Andreas about the new track. "We had so much fun writing, recording, and listening to it. We've been writing a ton of new material since we released 'The Mortal Coil,' but 'Faceless' just sort of came together on its own, very quick. Its no-nonsense - it comes in pounding right off the bat, and then makes a statement with that heavy verse riff.
There’s definitely a lot of heaviness, in fact, I think Aaron in particular has never sounded so heavy. But there’s also harmony and melody - that chorus is just asking you to sing along. This song is what Martyrd’s all about; it’s heavy and pounding and aggressive, but also melodic and kind of catchy. It’s just really fun to play and listen to. We can’t wait to take it out on the road and
really see our friends and fans get into it!”

Fans can purchase the song on iTunes
(, as
well as view the accompanying music video for the track, by following this

"We were worried about shooting a video," adds Andreas. "It’s a chance for us to reach so many more people at once than we can live, but we knew it had to have the same intensity and excitement that our live show does. We wanted to make sure that there were not going to be any compromises in who we are and what we deliver. Anthony Lopardo (at Westfall Recording Company) has worked with us since 'The Mortal Coil,' and actually did the tracking for 'Faceless' as well.

When he showed us the video work that he had done, we knew that he was the right choice. And he definitely did not disappoint.”

"The shoot itself was a lot of work, but it was a blast also. We spent the whole day filming in this dark, grimy warehouse. Actually, the place had giant windows that we spent about two hours covering with tarps, to make sure the place STAYED dark and grimy! And Anthony was amazing throughout the whole thing, I don’t think there is anyone else who could have helped us accomplish what we did, and still had so much fun doing it. And we’re completely stoked on the finished
product - we want every single living human to see it, at least twice.”


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