Saturday, April 13, 2013


Voodoo Highway's debut album, "Broken Uncle's Ihn", was one of the pleasant surprises in 2011. These new Italians rockers surprised us with their groovy and solid hard rock stuff. They achieved to mix perfectly the 70's-80's hard rock sound with a new 'fresher' air and the result was extremely interesting.

The band has been indicated as one of the new revelations worldwide and is defined as the new Deep Purple by such a big name in music as the the former of Rainbow/Gary Moore/Black Sabbath bassist Craig Rubber. Also, their debut has gained some really strong reviews in all over the world and reached its first SOLD OUT just after two months from its release back in June in 2011.  So, nowadays, the band is back with its second step which is titled "Showdown".

The album kicks off with the fantastic and in-your-face rocker "This is Rock 'n' Roll, Wankers!". Plenty of attitude, an 'nasty' riff and an 80's hard rock vibe in this perfect opener! Great stuff! "Fly To The Rising Sun" has again a heavy intro riffing and a catchy chorus line while "Midnight Hour" is characterized by a a more 'commercial' sound and a huge bass line and some impressive keys!! One of the album's highlights! "Church Of Clay", "Cold White Love" and "Prince Of Moonlight" are all three excellent samples of pure hard rockers with attitude, great arrangements, powerful performances and inspired guitar work.

As I said above, their debut album was a pleasant surprise back then. With their new release, the band is aiming for some bigger things! That's a fact! This time the sound is 'fat' and tighter, the musicianship is once again excellent and the album includes some amazing rockers. This band has plenty of talent and they are capable of writing some inspired tunes. Highly recommended!! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :

1. This Is Rock'n'roll, Wankers!
2. Fly To The Rising Sun
3. Midnight Hour
4. Could You Love Me
5. Wastin' Miles
6. Church Of Clay
7. Mountain High
8. Cold White Love
9. A Spark From The Sacred Fire
10. Prince Of Moonlight
11. Till It Bleeds (Bonus Track)
12. Broken Uncles Inn (Bonus Track)

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  1. Really Like the BAND <3 *o* and also the Bass player :3