Thursday, April 4, 2013


What's the common thing between the heavy metal band LORDI and this newcomers? Of course, Stala Astela who was the drummer of LORDI and nowadays is busy as the lead singer of Stala & So. In 2011, these Finnish rockers presented their debut album and immediately earned some solid reviews from the European rock media.

Nowadays, the band is back with its second release which is titled "Play Another Round". With their debut album, they achieved to present a really strong effort full of catchy rock tunes, powerful performances, upbeat lyrics and a tight musicianship. After that, the band released an EP, "Gimme Five", a European tour with sleaze rockers VAIN to come to nowadays and the release of "Play Another Round".  For the production of the album, they've hired the mighty Beau Hill to help them and I have to admit that he did an excellent job here!

In this album, you will discover some excellent melodic rock tracks such as the 80's rocking tune of "The Boys Are Having Fan", which is the first video single, the ultra catchy "Life Goes On", the melodic "All She Wrote", "Rockstar" and the amazing "Never Again". The bonus track of "Pamela" is a very good rocker while the cover of Ozzy's biggest hit "Shot In The Dark" is different than the original but it's a good one. Overall this is a very interesting release. Check it out!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7,5/10

Track List :
01. Radio Taran
02. Rock Until I'm Done
03. Tokyo Delights
04. The Boys Are Having Fun
05. Never Again
06. Back Together
07. Alrite Tonite
08. Life Goes On
09. All Alone
10. All She Wrote
11. For Your Love
12. Rockstar

Sampsa 'Stala' Astela – Lead Vocals
Nick Gore – Bass, Vocals
Sami J. – Lead Guitars, Vocals
Pete Vaughn – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Hank – Drums

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