Thursday, April 4, 2013


Now this is great melodic hard rock album! But let's take things from the start! LANESLIDE is a new melodic hard rock sensation and the mastermind behind this project is the Italian songwriter/producer and guitarist Bruno Kraler, who is well-known from his Brunorock days. The line-up consists of the extraordinary shouter Frank Vestry (Marcello/Vestry), the mighty Alessandro Del Vecchio on keys, John Billings on bass and Dominik Hulshorst on drums.

Except of these superb musicians on "Flying High", we have the participation of Michael Bormann (Redrum, ex-Jaded Heart) and Erik Martensson (W.E.T., Eclipse) who are givin' the extra flavor to the album's final result. The fact is that this is a truly amazing and extremely catchy melodic album. The performances by Frank Vestry are top notch and the guitar lines by Bruno Kraler are over the top! The musicianship is tight and generally everything in this album is perfectly balanced. "Flying High" which opens the album is awesome! A big anthemic chorus line, powerful performances and an 80's feeling in this great opener. "Hangin' Out Here" and "You Can Make It" are both superb samples of how today's European melodic hard rock should sound with solid arrangements, 'clever' choruses and hooks and heart-full performances. "River Of Love" features a more U.S flavored sound with some bluesier touches and it's among my favorite tracks from this release. "Dancing Girls" could easily fit in Marcello/Vestry's huge debut album while "Self Control" is an overall a very good and extremely interesting cover to Laura Branigan's famous track . "Look The Other Way" is an upbeat rocker with a 'punchier' guitar sound and it's another highlight!! "Your Fight" and "Washed Away" are both very good tracks.

Impressed!!!! Yes, this is a great album all the way and the biggest surprise so far! Incredible catchy tunes, a very talented and high skilled team of musicians, and that reflects to their music, and a solid production. As I said above, this is how today's melodic hard rock band should sound. Highly recommended!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9,5/10

Track List :
1. Flying High
2. Hangin' Out Here
3. You Can Make It
4. River Of Love
5. Dancing Girls
6. Understand
7. Self Control
8. Look The Other Way
9. Your Fight
10. Washed Away