Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Dark Moor is another band that I totally ignored its existence so far. From the promo pack that I received, I read that Dark Moor is a symphonic power metal band and "Ars Musica" is its brand new opus. I, also, have to admit that over the last years I discovered some excellent new-old symphonic/power metal bands and for that reason I was a bit curious what to expect from this one.

From the very first notes of the opener tune of "First Lance Of Spain", I caught myself whistling the chorus line!!! This song has an old-fashioned power metal sound with heavy guitars, nice vocal performances and a HUGE chorus line to die for!! Next track is the simply stunning "It Is My Way"!! Forget power metal or even metal; this is a truly melodic hard rock gem! "The Road Again" and "Together As Ever" are both great rockers with plenty of melodies, catchy choruses and great arrangements. At this point, I have to say that the album so far sounds brilliant and extremely catchy with tonnes of melodies, very good performances and some inspired guitar work! Apart from the above mentioned tunes, the album contains also a couple of symphonic metal songs such as the brilliant "The City Of Peace" and the more theatrical and 'speedy' "Living In A Nightmare" which both are two of the most impressive tracks that I've heard since a long time from this particular scene!!! "Ars Musica" includes two alternate versions of "The Road Again" (acoustic version) and "Living In A Nightmare" (orchestral version) which are both very interesting.

All in all, I have to say that this album grabbed from the very first spin and left me hungry for more!! This album is a great ride with grandiose melodies, huge harmonies, big symphonic parts and some extremely impressive guitar solos! The musicianship is top notch and I will recommend this album to every hard 'n' heavy music fan out there!! Great album!! And one last thing...the front-cover is also amazing, congratulations! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
1. Ars Music (intro), 2. First Lance Of Spain, 3. It Is My Way, 4. The Road Again, 5. Together As Ever, 6. The City Of Peace, 7. Gara And Jonay, 8. Living In A NIghtmare, 9. El Ultimo Rey, 10. Saint James Way, 11. Spanish Suite (Asturias), 12. The Road Again (acoustic version), 13. Living In A Nightmare (orchestral version)

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  1. If you're hungry for more, you must listen to the others albums of this band. They do nothing but masterpieces since the very first album.