Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This is the 9th album of Swiss melodic power rockers Shakra! With this new release, the band wants to go a step further from where their latest effort, "Back On Track" stopped!! And as the band says : "..we are very satisfied with PowerPlay , now it's up to the public and fans!".

In my humble opinion, Shakra is one of these bands that you can't go wrong when it comes to some very good guitar-driven melodic hard 'n heavy tracks with catchy choruses and solid arrangements. I, also, think that over their career this band has released some excellent albums that stood through the test of time and showed that this band has a lot more to offer to this particular scene.

"Life Is Now" is the opening track and a great appetizer of what's coming-up next!! This is a powerful guitar-driven tune with lots of attitude and brings back memories from Gotthard's earlier works!!!! For sure, an impressive start! "The Mask" continues to the same hard 'n' heavy Shakra paths with a glorious guitar work!! "Higher" has a nice groove in it while in "Wonderful Life" we have one of the highlights here. A melody to die for and a melodic chorus line to whist for days!! "Dear Enemy", "Save You From Yourself" and "Don't Keep Me Hanging" are all three excellent rockers with 'clever' arrangements, cool guitar work and powerful performances!! In "Dream Of Mankind" we find the Gotthard, Lee-era, influences once again. "Stevie" rocks with its in-your-face sound and "Because Of You" is again a huge melodic rocker and one of my personal favorites from this new album!! "Secret Hideaway" has a huge riff and a catchy hook and chorus line and the last one that closes the album, "Too Good To Be True", is a superb ballad.

Overall, this is a great record all the way!!! Excellent musicianship, heavenly influenced melodies and harmonies, great guitar work and some passionate vocal performances! One of their best albums to date and, for sure, one of the Top albums so far! Great work guys!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
01. Life Is Now 02. The Mask 03. Higher 04. Wonderful Life 05. Dear Enemy 06. Save You From Yourself 07. Don’t Keep Me Hanging 08. Dream Of Mankind 09. Stevie 10. Because Of You 11. Secret Hideaway 12. Too Good To Be True

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