Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Edge is a new band from Sweden and consists of four musicians who participated in various bands before forming the Edge. The two founders of the band, Jonas Forss and Tobias Andersson (Shadowland, Seven Wishes), having a long friendship, they immediately found the chemistry between them and straight away they started writing songs for their debut album!!

Their goal is to create something that, first of all, the band likes to play and at the same time something to be acceptable by the majority of the melodic hard rock scene. So, their debut entitled «Heaven Knows» comes to be added at the very good and promising releases of Swedish melodic scene in recent years.

Their music consists of beautiful orchestrations, catchy and melodic choruses, amazing melodies and passionate performances. Definitely the release is following the stepped street like many other bands of this scene, but it is certain that the result will make happy every single fan of this gerne! Listen to the fantastic mid-tempo "Get Over It", the catchy "Little Girl" with the brilliant chorus, "How Long" and the uplifting "I Could Never Live".

A really good album which will start pleasantly the new year and offers excitement with quality and beautiful melodies!

HeavyParadise's Rating: 8/10

Track List : 
1 Little Girl 
2 How Long 
3 Nowhere To Hide 
4 Get Over It 
5 I Believe In Love 
6 There Is No Other Way 
7 I Could Never Live 
8 Right Now 
9 To Hell And Back 
10 Through That Door 
11 The End of the World

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