Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The story of Black Rose started in the early 90's in Fagersta, Sweden. After several changes in their line-up, the official debut release came out in 1993 with the title "Fortune Favours The Brave". The rest of the story is pretty much known, as the huge musical changes prevented relatively unknown bands back then to be up in the scene, Black Rose were contented to the local Swedish scene.

In 2001 they managed to find a record label and released their self-titled cd. Their next album "Explode" came in 2004 and managed to 'stimulate' the interest of the music scene with very good reviews. After some changes in their line-up and several live shows with big names such as Fate, The Poodles and Pain Of Salvation, the band is back again with their new essay hoping to make the big step and establish themselves after so many years!

The song that opens the album, "My Enemies", is a heavy in-your-face rocker with good arrangements, virtuoso guitar work and good vocal performances. "Rise Up" is good without offering something special though. The other songs in the album are moving in the same safe paths of Euro melodic hard n 'heavy sound but there isn't something shocking or surprising that will make you 'move from your seat'.

In conclusion, I would say that the Black Rose unfortunately do not make the big step towards self-fulfillment and offer us a solid album that will surely not make the difference!!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 6/10

Track List
01. My Enemies
02. Rise Again
03. Turn On The Night
04. Never Let Me Down
05. We Were Winners
06. Hunter
07. The Bold And The Beauty
08. Busted
09. Our Wisdom

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