Friday, November 23, 2012


The highlight melodic rock album for 2012? Probably yes, if you ask me. Jimi Jamison one of the world's top singers is back with an amazing release. "Never Too Late" is titled Jamison's new effort and will put a big smile upon the face of every single fan of this gerne.

For this record, Jamison collaborates with the incredible talented guy Erik Martersson, who is well known for his works with Eclipse and W.E.T., and offering a classic 80's album full of big melodies, stunning guitar work, memorable chorus lines but, most of all, Jamison's soulful vocal performances. "Everybody 's Got A Broken Heart" is pure 80's melodic rock stuff with a heavenly influenced melody and a brilliant chorus line!! Awesome stuff!!! "Street Survivor" brings back memories from Jamison's glory days with Survivor! "Never Too Late", which is the first video from this album, it is another killer tune with a blasting melody and again with a monstrous chorus! "I Can't Turn Back" features a classic AOR sound while "The Air That I Breath" is a sentational power ballad.

All in all, this is an amazing release all the way!! Catchy melodies, a solid songwriting, excellent musicianship and top notch performances are all perfectly balanced in one of this year's top albums!!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :

  1. Everybody's Got a Broken Heart
  2. The Great Unknown
  3. Never Too Late
  4. I Can't Turn Back
  5. Street Survivor
  6. The Air I Breathe
  7. Not Tonight; Calling The Game
  8. Bullet in the Gun
  9. Heaven Call Your Name
  10. Walk On (Wildest Dreams)

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