Thursday, November 22, 2012


Eden Lost is a Spanish heavy rock band that was formed in 1999. In 2005 and after the recordings of their self-produced demo cd, the band releasing its debut album which is titled "Road Of Desire". A record deal with the well-known AOR-Heaven seems to be a good deal and the album receiving some really good reviews both inside and outside the Spanish borders.

Through the years, the band has performed several live gigs with great bands such as TNT, Tyketto and Bob Catley among others. In Sept. 2011, the band participated in "AOR For Japan", a charity project, with the song "Ready To Rock". So, nowadays, the band returns to the melodic hard rock scene with the brand new "Breaking The Silence" album!! Eden Lost consists of Ignacio Prieto (vocals), Jesus Laso (guitars), Javier Callego (keyboards), Jorge De La Cuerda (drums) and Santi Hernandez (bass).

The album starts with the impressive "Starting Again". A great and 'punchy' hard rock tune with a nice melody, a heavy riff and some powerful vocal lines! "Gotta Be Together" includes a nice groove and a catchy hook-line and chorus! "Breaking The Silence" is up-tempo has a nice and extremely melodic rhythm and it's the highlight so far!! "Hard To Believe" is just awesome!! A great commercial rocker with an incredible guitar line and a melody to die for!! Are you ready to rock now? Eden Lost is ready with "Ready To Rock" and for sure they rock hard with this solid track! "Locked In Your Heart" is a sensational ballad, which reminded me a bit of Bonfire's earlier works, while "Sun Keep Shinning" is another killer tune!!!   

Bottom line is that this is a really good release from these Spanish rockers!! The guys are ready to rock and they have plenty of talent and that's a thing that reflects to their music. A solid songwriting, a bunch of great rockers, some inspired riffs and solos but most of all heart and soul in this really interesting release! Well done!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :

1. Starting Again.
2. Gotta Be Together.
3. Breaking The Silence.
4. Feel Free.
5. Hard To Believe.
6. Ready To Rock.
7. March The 11th.
8. Locked In Your Heart.
9. Only Lies.
10. No More Sorrows.
11. Sun Keeps Shining.
12. Times Are Changing.

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