Friday, November 16, 2012


The A Perfect Day is a new band that was formed in 2011 by guitarist and founding member of the Italian metal band Labyrinth, Andrea Cantarelli. It all started when Cantarelli presented his musical ideas and thoughts to his friend and singer, Roberto Tiranti. The idea was to create a band based on hard rock forms with an emphasis on catchy melodies and strong guitar lines. Roberto Tiranti was impressed by all these ideas and with the addition of Alessandro Bissa on drums the Perfect Day is a fact!

 Their music is a great mix of rock-hard rock, modern-rock with some proggy elements, nice harmonies and an excellent guitar work that gives an extra 'taste' to the final result. I can say that as a result "The Perfect Day" is a solid record and is rather different from the mass of innumerable melodic bands sprouting like mushrooms nowadays. It stands out because the melodies quite escape the standards of modern melodic scene due to several factors, the band mixes a lot of styles and does it skillfully enough! The opening song, "Another Perfect Day" is just amazing! Catchy with powerful orchestrations, a chorus that sticks in your mind at first listening and a fantastic guitar work! In the following, "Now And Forever", we have another highlight! A darker sound and modern with a mid-tempo rhythm but with a melody that causes 'chills'! Listen also to the "Silent Cry", "Here We Are Again" and "Waiting On The Edge" and you will discover a solid album!!

Closing I would say that the A Perfect Day comes out of nowhere to make our day! A tight band with a 'professional' air and some amazing songs, Perfect Day is here and ready to play into the Champions League of the melodic hard rock scene!

HeavyParadise's Rating : 8/10

Track List : Another Perfect Day; Now And Forever; Long Road To Ruin; Alone And Free (Rockblind); Silent Cry; Under The Same Sun; Here We Are Again; Waiting On The Edge; Warm Embrace; We Only Say Goodbye

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