Monday, December 27, 2010

Extreme / III Sides To Every Story (1992)

Album number three for U.S. funk metallers of Extreme. With their debut album they offered a fine example of funky hair metal music full of superb guitar work in the vain of the great Van Halen. Their second, "Pornograffiti" was, and still is, a masterpiece of that gerne. Many hit singles, including the mega-successful tune of  "More Than Words", jumped out from that release! Extreme was a band that the heavier fans didn't liked so much and for the 'softer' ones were too funky for their tastes!
For me is one of my all time favourite groups! I just love the guitar work from the great Nuno Bettencourt! This guy is so talented when it comes to riffing and soloing! A very inspired guitarist.

So, as I said, "III Sides To Every Story" was the band's third album. It continued were the "Pornograffiti" stopped. Big and amazing riffs and solos, catchy choruses, a tight musicianship and strong performances. Maybe this one is not a classic like their eponymous "Pornograffiti" but it's a very good one and a more mature release. It has all the unique elements that made this band huge. I really can't find a weak song here. Every track has something special to offer to the listener. Bottom line is that for Extreme fans this is a must have, for the others is a great way to discover a superb band! Buy it!
HeavyParadise's Rating: 8,5/10

1. Warheads 2. Rest in Peace 3. Politicalamity 4. Color Me Blind 5. Cupid's Dead 6. Peacemaker Die 7. Seven Sundays 8. Tragic Comic 9. Our Father 10. Stop the World 11. God Isn't Dead? 12. Everything Under the SunI. Rise'n ShineII. Am I Ever Gonna ChangeIII. Who Cares?