Tuesday, October 25, 2016

REVIEW : JOANOVARC / Ride Of Your Life (2016)

Joanovarc is a four piece female rock band that their mission is to deliver pure and old-school heavy rock stuff with attitude!! And, in my humble opinion, they do it with style. "Ride Of Your Life" is a well-crafted rock record full of loud guitars, attitude, clever hooks and choruses an 80's vibe in it plus a modern and updated sound that makes the final result a pleasant and enjoyable ride!!

This energetic record includes eleven rockers that guarantee you that you will enjoy this debut a lot as I did. The opening tune of "Ride Of Your Life" kicks off things in a such an impressive way; a great and up-beat rhythm along with a sing-a-long chorus line makes this title track the absolute highlight. "White Trash" is yet another killer tune; edgier and groovier with another memorable chorus line to die for.

"Live Rock N Roll" 'smells' Girlschool from miles away while in "Going Down" Joanovarc delivers a solid and bluesier rocker. In "Running Away", we have a more commercial song that could easily be the soundtrack in a rainy day when you cross through the highway with the car-stereo on maximum volume!!! "Work" has this 70's classic rock roots in it and the moodier "Peace Of Mind" includes a lovely melody in it.

Joanovarc with this debut invite us to ride with them in their first joyride and, believe me, it's gonna be a hell of a ride or, if you prefer, it's gonna be the ride of your life. Well done!!!

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
01 Ride Of Your Life. 
02 Dragon In The Sky. 
03 White Trash. 
04 Seeds Of Summer.
05 Live Rock’n’Roll.
06 Going Down.
07 Five Years.
08 Running Away. 
09 Work.
10 Sisters.

11 Peace Of Mind.

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