Saturday, June 18, 2016

REVIEW : Monument / Hair Of The Dog (2016)

Now this is a great and true metal record all the way! UK's Monument releasing an album that will put a wide smile upon the face of every NWOBHM fan out there and, for sure, it is gonna make proud Iron Maiden and Judas Priest!! "Hair Of The Dog" is a record that brings back the glory days of the classic New Wave Of British Heavy Metal sound with a fresh and updated approach.

The vocals of Peter Ellis fits like glove with the whole sound and the guitars are sharp, melodic and heavy!!! The rhythm section tight as hell and there is no filler in sight, just pure and classic metal stuff in an old fashioned way.

"Hair Of The Dog", the opener, is the living prove of what I mentioned above; classic NWOBHM at its best. The Iron Maiden ghost haunts this track, and generally all the album, and makes it the first highlight out of the new record. "Streets Of Rage" is another great sample of Monument's music. Heavy riffing, Iron Maiden-esque vocals, tight arrangements and a ore straight forward rhythm that you fell it in your bones!!!  The guitars in this song are simply breathtaking!!! "Crobar" is movin' to some more hard rock paths while in "A Bridge Too Far" the metal fest continues with yet another killer tune!!!

Damn, this is a hell of an album! Powerful, loud, ballsy and with attitude, Monument comes like a thunder to bring back the glory days of a golden era, NWOBHM, with style!!!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1. Hair of the Dog
2. Blood Red Sky
3. Streets of Rage
4. Imhotep (The High Priest)
5. Crobar
6. Emily
7. Olympus
8. A Bridge Too Far
9. Heart of Stone
10. Lionheart

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