Friday, June 3, 2016

REVIEW : ALCHEMY / Never Too Late (2016)

Alchemy is an Italian Hard Rock/AOR band that since its creation has released two EP's ( "Rise Again" and "D.A.R.E.D.") and has participated in many live gigs. Nowadays, the band has signed a record deal with Street Symphonies Records and it is releasing its first full-length album which is entitled "Never Too Late".

We may say that “Never Too Late” is a dynamic  hard rock album with AOR and progressive influences, heavily based on solid drums and bass, catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals, all glued together by orchestral strings and synths, but this is not what it really means to us” - says singer Marcello Spera.

After a short, but intense intro comes the real thing; "Diablo" is the opener tune that kicks-off with a heavy riffing, a strong bass line and Spera's very good vocal lines. This first sample of Alchemy's music is strong and shows the band's mood to deliver a solid mix of heavy AOR stuff. "Alcohol Symphony" brings a more sleazier and U.S. flavored sound while in "Never Too Late" we are dealing with a cool ass-kickin' hard rock song and probably one of the best tunes out of the new record. "Blessed Path" is an epic track with a strong progressive feeling in it, "Rise Again" 'flirts' with White Lion's earlier works (especially in the guitar work) and "My Way Home", that closes the album, is yet another straight forward hard rock tune.

Even if "Never Too Late" is the band's first work I have to say that this band has a potential for bigger things in the near future. There is no weak moment here, just pure and edgy hard rock stuff with nice melodies, excellent guitar work and most of all well-crafted songs. Well done!

Rating : 8,2 / 10

Track Listing :
 01. The Place Men Call Hell
02. Diablo
03. Alcohol Symphony
04. Never Too Late
05. Blessed Path
06. End of the Line
07. Rise Again
08. Get Out
09. My Way Home

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