Wednesday, May 11, 2016

REVIEW : SHOWBIZ / Enjoy The Ride (2016)

Showbiz is a new melodic hard rock band that was formed by guitarist Albert Maroto (ex-Dark Moor). The other members of Showbiz are Nacho Arriaga (ARWEN, MONTERREY, EX-INN TRANCE) on drums, Dani Pereira on guitar (METROPLIS VI, WARRIOR POET)and José Cebrián (EX ACID RAIN, DIXLESIA) on bass.

Showbiz for this debut, "Enjoy The Ride", signs with MelodicRock Records and they are ready to unleash a well-played, well-performed melodic hard rock stuff that has been influenced by bands that has their roots in the golden era of the U.S. scene of the late 80's, early 90's.

Their music is simple, catchy and includes some really great riffs and solos. Each and every track here is filled in with all the magic of 'then' with a fresh and more updated approach that makes the final result very very attractive.

The first highlight comes with the amazing and very 80's "Everybody's Got A Chance". This is an up-tempo melodic hard rock hymn that grabs you and brings back memories from bands such as Trixter, (heavier) Poison and Firehouse. "My Big Mistake" is another great sample of pure and classic U.S. hard rock stuff at its best!!! "Push Me To The Limit" and "Keep On Singing That Song" are both cool party rock anthems with catchy to the bone choruses, crunchy guitars and attitude!!! The 'punchier' "Six-String Mad" is killer!!!

SHOWBIZ is a band that brings back the late 80's, early 90's U.S. Hair Metal/hard rock sound with style!!!! If you love big guitars, loud vocals, catchy hooks and choruses and attitude, then jump on with SHOWBIZ and enjoy the ride!!!!!  

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
01. What U See Is What You Get
02. Everybody’s Got A Chance
03. My Big Mistake
04. Succubus
05. Push Me To The Limit
06. Keep On Singing That Song
07. This Time
08. Six String Mad
09. Find Your Way Home
10. Ticket To Nowhere

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