Wednesday, June 3, 2015

UNIVERSAL THEORY New Album Details Released

Two years after the release of the debut album "Mystery Timeline" from Madrid Spain's UNIVERSAL THEORY the atmospheric gothic metal duo has completed recording their sophomore effort "The Most Attractive Force". Due to be released on Metal Hell Records in August 2015.
The new album combines a heavier and more intense sound and a deep atmosphere. UNIVERSAL THEORY has offered up a brighter and louder guitar sound besides new fields and voice register has been explored. Once again Majo Martos is in charge for performing the female vocals. The new album closes with the collaboration of Beth Hart, a Pianist from Manchester, UK.
Metal Hell Records has uploaded a lyric video for the new albums opening track "Before Sunrise".


The album art and full track-list are also revealed below.

"The Most Attractive Force" Track-list:
Before Sunrise
Somewhere Else
Unfinished Desires
The Most Attractive Force
Romance I
Deeper Than You Know
Romance II
The Wall Of Darkness
Light Vein

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