Sunday, December 14, 2014

WIND ROSE / Wardens Of The West Wind (2015)

Wind Rose is back with its album number two, "Wardens Of The West Wind", that it's going to be released on February 2015. This Symphonic Melodic Power Metal act after receiving a very good feedback for its debut album, ‘Shadows Over Lothadruin’  in 2012, started working on a second album and the result will be presented on "Wardens Of The West Wind".

 Shadows Over Lothadruin was a good album that included some very good songs in it. The mix of the classic Symphonic Power Metal sound with some melodies and some progressive pinches as well made the final result a very pleasant listening.

In the new record, the band continues to deliver the solid and powerful Symphonic Power Metal sound of its debut with a bigger and 'fat' production, an excellent guitar work and some really tighter songs. I think that this release it's the natural and more mature step forward for the band and the start for Wind Rose's recognition in this particular scene. To be honest here and after a couple of spins of the new record, I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot. An epic feeling all over the album, strong symphonic parts, powerful performances, excellent guitars and generally "Wardens Of The West Wind" is a solid Symphonic Power Metal platter that will be warm welcomed by each and every fan of this band, and not only. The songs that stand-out here are "The Age Of Conquest", the melodic "Heavenly Minds", the epic "Spartacus", the darker and heavier "Born In The Candle Of Storms" and "Rebel And Free".

Solid album and of course a step higher from the debut "Wardens Of The West Wind" comes to prove that WIND ROSE has plenty of talent and they could be a hot name in the Symphonic Power Metal scene in the near future! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,2/10

Track Listing :
1. Where Dawn and Shadows Begin
2. Age of Conquest
3. Heavenly Minds
4. The Breed of Durin
5. Ode to the West Wind
6. Skull and Crossbones
7. The Slave and the Empire
8. Spartacus
9. Born in the Cradle of Storms
10. Rebel and Free

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