Thursday, September 18, 2014

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY / Falling Back To Earth (2014)

Daylight Robbery is back with album number two! Yes, after their extremely interesting debut of "Cross Your Heart.." back in 2011, this very talented melodic hard rock band is back with another solid effort. "Falling Back To Earth" is entitled Daylight Robbery's newest opus and with this one the guys are aiming for some bigger things in this scene.

The band consists of Tony Nicholl (Lead Vocals) Mark Carleton (Guitars) Colin Murdoch (Bass) David Billingham (Keyboards) and Chris Miller (Drums) and the sound is a great mix of the classic 80's, early 90's, melodic hard rock scene with a fresh air and that means big and catchy choruses, some serious ass-kicking guitar lines and powerful performances.

The album kicks-off with the antemic and punchy rocker of "Scream Outloud". For sure, an impressive intro and a very good appetizer of what's coming-up next.  Then with "I'll Be Seeing You" we are dealing with a melodic rock monster! Yes, this track is the first big moment of the new record. Up-tempo with a chorus to die for and a melody that you are going to whistle for days. Next, "Samarah Never Sleeps" is the first single out of "Falling Back To Earth". Another highlight and, for sure, another melodic gem. This track reminded me a bit of The Storm band. This song has it all; a haunting melody, a feel-good chorus line, great arrangements and most of all it has some really impressive performances. "Red lights" is a very good edgy melodic rock tune while with "Hungry Years" we have another winner here; an almost epic melodic hard rock track that includes some very good keys a more 'technical' sound and it's among my favorites from the new effort. Listen, also, to the  last one and very enjoyable tune of "Running Out Of Time".

Bottom line is that Daylight Robbery with "Falling Back To Earth" achieved to release a great record all the way. They are staying loyal to the roots of the classic melodic hard rock/ AOR sound of the 80's, early 90's, without loosing their own identity and that's a thing that counts the most. Their music is well-written, well-performed, the songs are catchy and enjoyable and at the end "Falling Back To Earth" is a highly recommend album for every fan of the melodic rock scene in general.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing:
1. Enter The Arena, 2. Scream Outloud, 3.I'll Be Seeing You, 4.Samarah Never Sleeps, 5. Paradise Is Lost, 6. Fallen Star, 7.Redlights, 8. Hungry Years, 9. Between the Lines, 10.  Running Out of Time

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