Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Red Cat Promotion is very proud to announce the brand new partnership with Stage of Reality and the incoming release of their first full length “The Breathing Machines” on  October 2014.

Stage of Reality is an idea of Andrea Neri, guitar player and composer of the prog metal band Astarte Syriaca from 2003 to 2012. During the same period Andrea writes also for theater and television and he plays in other projects including pop and metal bands. In 2012 he joins Blaze Bayley, ex Iron Maiden singer, to record the album "The King of Metal". The album is followed by a long lasting tour all over Europe and Andrea is going to play on the stages of over sixty different cities.

In July 2013 Andrea begins to write the ten songs that will soon become "The Breathing Machines", the first album of his new band: Stage of Reality.

He asks four guys to join the band for the recordings: the singer Francesco Marino (Dreamscape), the drummer Alessandro Accardi, the bass player Marco Polizzi (Astarte Syriaca), Bernardo Nardini on acoustic guitar and backing vocals and the sound designer Francesco Visconti to create electronic sequences. Hard rock contaminated with electronic music gives the project a sci-fi touch that makes it unique in its genre.


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