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Rhapsody Of Fire is the Italian power metal act that started its career back in the 90's as Rhapsody with the album "Rhapsody". Their "Legendary Tales" in 1997 made a huge impact to the metal world and received some great reviews and set them as one of the top power metal bands in this particular scene.

The mix of power metal sound along with some epic/baroque classic elements made their sound unique and made them a worldwide fan favorite. Due to legal issues, the band had to be renamed from Rhapsody to RHAPSODY OF FIRE in 2003 but continued to release their “Symphonic
Epic Hollywood Metal” constantly. In 2012, band leaders and main composers Alex Staropoli and Luca Turilli decided to go separate ways: while Luca founded “Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody” to start a new endeavor even more exploring movie-like sound landscapes - Staropoli, Fabio Lione, Alex Holzwarth, Oliver Holzwarth and new guitarist Roby De Micheli continue with RHAPSODY OF FIRE, and in the more classic and heavy direction that the fans loved so much.

Musically "Dark Wings Of Steel" is movin' to the same epic symphonic metal paths of their previous releases and Roby De Micheli is doing an excellent job!! All the elements of the past are here; big orchestrations, huge choir background vocals, powerful performances, a tight musicianship and as I already mentioned above great guitar work!! "Rising From Tragic Flames" is a strong example and one of the new album's highlights. In this particular tune, the melodic/harmonic 'touch' is more obvious and make this one a future classic in the band's catalogue. "Tears Of Pain" has a strong epic, movie-soundtrack like vibe while the more straight-forward "Silver Lake Of Tears" features a simply fantastic guitar solo!!! Also the "Tale Of Magic" is HUGE!!!!

Overall, this is a solid symphonic power metal stuff from a unique band!! Even after all those years, they achieve to create such strong albums and show that Rhapsody Of Fire is among the elite of the symphonic melodic power metal bands worldwide!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. Vis Divina
02. Rising From Tragic Flames
03. Angel Of Light
04. Tears Of Pain
05. Fly To Crystal Skies
06. My Sacrifice
07. Silver Lake Of Tears
08. Custode Di Pace
09. A Tale Of Magic
10. Dark Wings Of Steel
11. Sad Mystic Moon

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