Thursday, April 11, 2013


After their impressive debut album, Nick Workman's VEGA present their second effort which is titled "What The Hell!". Their first release was a great sample of 80's pure AOR/Melodic Rock stuff with a modern twitch and Workman's amazing vocal performances. The collaboration with the Martin brothers, for the songwriting, gave to VEGA the extra push to present some incredible and inspired catchy tunes.

For "What The Hell!" the band continues to deliver its catchy, powerful and up-tempo stuff  mixed with some modern melodic rock elements as well. The influences from bands such as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, U2 and in some parts from The Rasmus are obvious but overall the band is keepin' its own identity and the final result is just brilliant. The sound here is 'punchier' regarding their debut and Nick Workman's vocal performances are top notch. Every single track here rocks big time; from the 'hair metal' anthem of "What The Hell" to the catchy rockers "Cry" and "Bless My Soul" but, also, to the excellent pop-ish tune of "Saviour" and the beautiful mid-tempo "Fade Into The Flames" you are going to discover a really great album without fillers!!

Over the last week this album is on daily basis into my cd player! I really enjoyed every single track from "What The Hell!"; it has a positive and feel-good vibe in it but also an excellent musicianship, a solid production, powerful performances and some really catchy as hell tracks in it! Brilliant stuff!!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
1. Audeat Somniare
2. White Knuckle Ride
3. What The Hell!
4. Not There For You
5. Cry
6. Raise Ya Game
7. Fade Into The Flames
8. You Can't Run
9. Bless My Soul
10. She Walks Alone
11. Turn It On
12. Saviour
13. Tell Me it's Gonna Be Alright
14. Hands In The Air 

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