Friday, April 12, 2013

Stone Orange: details from the upcoming album

Stone Orange: details from the upcoming albumSlovenian hard rock band Stone Orange will publish its second album “The Dreamcatcher” under Street Symphonies on April 23rd 2013. The album, the band’s first work in English, was anticipated by the single “Nobody Cares”, whose videoclip can be seen at this link:

The track list for “The Dreamcatcher” is:
  1. Broken Man
  2. I Am (Whatever)
  3. Pride And Pain
  4. Rockin' & Rollin'
  5. It Keeps On Raining
  6. Lovetron
  7. Scare Me
  8. Nobody Cares
  9. Whites Of Their Eyes
  10. Frozen Sky
  11. The Age Of Stars

Stone Orange are:
Marko Erjavec – vocals, guitar
Tomo Jurca – guitar
Davorin Kovačič – bass, backing vocals
Vid Zgonc – drums

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