Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One of the greatest and most famous guitarists of the world - YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - will perform at MASTERS OF ROCK this year!

YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN is a living icon of world's rock and metal scene. This famous Swedish multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer become renowned already in 80's and since then he is definitely one of the greatest, technically most perfect and proficient metal guitarists of the world. His first solo album "Rising Force" (1984) was named Album of the year by prestigious Guitar Player Magazine and was also nominated for Grammy in Best instrumental rock event category. 

Since then his musical career has developed well, also evidenced by the fact that he was chosen to participate in XBox 360 - Guitar Hero II game. 

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN has always been a truly legendary, respected and highly regarded artist even despite his occasional behavior swings, which he defends himself being simply complex personality which is hard to understand. 

He issued his 24th solo album titled "Spellbound" in 2012 and he supports it diligently and tirelessly on tour worldwide. ATTENTION! Legendary Yngwie Malmsteen will perform on Ronnie James Dio Stage for the first time this year and for MASTER OF ROCK Festival he's preparing special, very exclusive show!

You can purchase your ticket right here.

PS: Take a look at Yngwie's live mastery - on tracks "Far Beyond The Sun", "Blue" or "Black Star".

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