Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Unbroken Promises", the new HARDREAMS album!

The wait is over!HARDREAMS are pleased to announce that the new HARDREAMS album, entitled "Unbroken Promises" will be released worldwide this coming Tuesday January 15th, 2013, through the American label Perris Records.

The track listing is as follows:
1 - Count On Me, 2 - A High Mountain To Climb, 3 - It's Only Love; 4 - The War Is Over, 5 - Woman In Black, 6 - Now You Are Mine, 7 - The Land Inside Our Souls, 8 - Goin 'Fast; 9 - Unbroken Promises; 10 - Cross The Line, 11 - All And Now.

The album contains eleven new songs, ranging from the purest AOR to the most energic Hard Rock and has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Tomi Perez, who previously worked on our previous albums. This time at Grabaciones Silvestres and Boo-Boo's Music studios, in Barcelona.

Click on this link to find the teaser presentation of "Unbroken Promises":

Manu Esteve (Voice) David Agüera (Guitar) Victor Muiño (Bass) Sergi Hormigó (Drums) Sergi Segarra (Keyboards)

"Calling Everywhere" (2004-Vinny Records)
"The Road Goes On ..." (2008 - Perris Records)
"Calling Everywhere" Reissue + 3 bonus tracks / (2009-Perris Records)
"Dreamers Live ... On a Night" (2010)
"Unbroken Promises" (2013 - Perris Records)


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