Sunday, January 27, 2013

U.D.O. - Announce Lineup Changes And New Album Release Date

Back in September, German heavy metallers U.D.O. parted ways with longtime guitarist Stefan Kaufmann. Now, another longtime guitarist Igor Gianola left the band due to conflicts between U.D.O appointments and his private life and business. Moreover, the new U.D.O. album (title still to be announced) will be released on May 24th, 2013 via AFM Records. 

Igor's personal message to the fans: "It was a great time and I want to warmly thank everybody who shared it with me, band members, crew guys, and everyone who supported and worked with us to make it happen! A really big and special thank goes to our fans for their incredible support, you were great!"

It didn't take U.D.O. too long to find replacements - Russian multi-instrumentalist Andrey Smirnov joined the band in December, while Finnish guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen joined just recently.

The band commented on Andrey Smirnov: "It was a long search and we met a lot of talented musicians. But at the end it was an easy decision since Andrey is the perfect fit for the band (as a friend and as a musician). Everybody in the band and around is very happy to have met Andrey just in perfect timing."

"Andrey was with us in the studio recording the new album and was already a very important part of team. His live debut with U.D.O. will be the US tour scheduled for April. The band is really looking forward to come back to their fans in the US after such a long time. Even better to present something very special to the US fans now."

The band commented on Kasperi Heikkinen: "Well we can write now that together with our other new guitarist Andrey Smirnov they are one of the best guitar teams in metal but we don't want to do that because every other band does like this. We're sure you will find out by yourself and then you will write exactly that fact!"

"The band is very happy to have found Kasperi and now the metal machine will go ahead better than ever. Watch out for the Steelhammer!"

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