Wednesday, January 23, 2013


"Somewhere in Italy there lies a well...that contains the key to immortality..."

SOUND STORM - symphonic metal's best kept secret - will finally see its highly acclaimed
masterpiece "Immortalia" hit North American Shores on February 26, 2013 through Scarlet
ecords/Eone Distribution.

By expertly weaving symphonic, power, progressive and extreme styles, Sound Storm
trascends the boundaries of metal genres with a spell binding album that explores the
historical and literary realms of man's bigget quest!

North American fans will now bear what Europe and Japan have come to regard as one of the
best albums of 2012 and for years to come.

The critics agree:

"The song writing and compositions are truly remarkable...It has already crept into the
same company as some of my all time favorite releases...Just like that"
5/5 - Metal (USA)

"This is the best symphonic metal concept album I have heard in years and if it was possible
to give it 100000/10, I would... This is just FANTASTIC album from beginning to end.
5/5 - The Metal Review (Worldwide)

"Every song is very worth listening to, awesome perfection & quality..."
86/100 - BURRN! Magazine (Japan)

"It is one of the best albums in that genre that was released this year and a proposal you
should taste to enjoy its magnificence."
4.5/5 - Hard (Greece)

"It's a wonderful album that I will enjoy for years to come"
4/5 - Metal Rules (USA)

"Everything about the album is just right..."

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