Thursday, January 10, 2013


Red Rose was formed in 2010 in Israel. ‘Live The Life You’ve Imagined’ was released in 2011 on Bakerteam Records and gained enthusiastic reviews all over the world, allowing the band to perform in front of dedicated audiences in their home country and beyond.

Their debut album was a damn fine piece of melodic hard rock stuff with some heavier elements but, also, some progressive pinches as well. I really liked that album back then and I was a bit curious to listen this new one. The new effort is once again produced by the 'mighty' Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios. "On The Cusp Of Change" also features Matan Shmuely, who is well-known for his work at Orphaned Land, on drums.

"When Roses Faded" is the opening tune, instrumental, and it's a really nice start. It's melodic and in the same time heavy and atmospheric with an incredible guitar work. "Chasing Freedom" is an excellent melodic hard rock song! Solid arrangements, great harmonies, a catchy hook and chorus line along with, again, a fantastic solo and there you have a great track! "King Of The Local Crowd" has a 'modern' vibe in it while "Original Sin" move into some more 'theatrical' metal paths. "Alone In The Night" is a stunning ballad with an emotional melody and a huge guitar work!! "This Bitter World" is ok and "Don't Believe These Tales" is an overall good tune. The album closes in a slower but perfect way with "Seize The Day".

All in all, I have to say that I'm really impressed by these guys. For sure this album is more mature and tighter than their debut. It contains some excellent tracks in it with incredible melodies, soulful performances and a great guitar work. You have to check this album!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List : When Roses Faded, Chasing Freedom*King Of The Local Crowd*Original Sin, Alone In The Night*This Bitter World, Don't Believe These Tales, Seize The Day     

* best tracks

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