Saturday, January 12, 2013


Guitarist and songwriter Barish Kepic joined Jaded Heart in 1998 for the great "IV" album, and left the German hard rockers after the solid "Helluva Time". For "Helluva Time", Barish was involved more with the songwriting and as Kepic said : " ...about 80% of the music on "Helluva Time" was originally written for my solo record...".

After this record, Jaded Heart and Kepic took separate ways and the guitarist was looking for his next challenges.  He wrote songs, played the guitar parts but, also, was responsible for the engineering and production for the FARO's  "Angelost" release in 2006. Two very good albums with Powerworld followed and, also, one solo one, "Sensitive Crush", to come to nowadays and his brand new "Addiction". Kepic in his new release offers a superb instrumental album, plus a vocal track with his buddy Michael Bormann, full of great guitar work but, most of all, a soulful playing and not another "listen how fast I'm playing" effort!!

This is a must have album for every guitar freak, like me, out there but, also, a must have for every fan of instrumental hard rock music which is played with heart and soul! Well done!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
01. Only By Night
02. The Long Road
03. Lost In Samsara
04. Vagabundear
05. Blue Hearted
06. All That Idle Talk
07. Addiction
08. While The City Sleeps
09. Book Of Destiny
10. Inside Illusions
11. Little Wing

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