Saturday, December 29, 2012


Allow me to start this review by saying that I love the band's debut album! Yes, "Hollywood Rocks", when it was released, came out of nowhere to shake our world for good! It was a fine piece of 80's influenced melodic rock stuff with some influences from the new era of hard rock scene!

So, nowadays, Wheels Of Fire is back to offer to us another great album! "Up For Anything" continues the band's debut with the same passion but, also, some heavier elements as well. As in their debut, the band is mixing perfect everything that we love from the 80's, early 90's, scene along with a more fresh air and the result is solid! Although their sound is a bit updated and edgier here, Wheels Of Fire music continue to deliver anthems like the opener tune of "Follow Your Heart", the up-tempo "Don't Walk Away" which features the great James Christian of House Of Lords, the 'modern' hard rocker "Pain" and the amazing "Tell Me".  Davide Barbieri 's vocal performances are top notch and the guitars of Stefano Zeni's are in some parts stunning!! In this album, except James Christian, we find an impressive guest list of musicians such as Robin Beck, Rob Marcello (Danger Danger) and Michele Luppi among others!

So, bottom line is that this is an extremely interesting release by Wheels Of Fire! It has passion, a tight musicianship, fantastic vocal performances, some catchy tunes enough to make you shake and tumble and inspired riffs and solos!!    
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
1. Follow Your Heart
2. Don’t Walk Away
3. Turning Up The Radio
4. Pain
5. Web Of Lies
6. Lay Your Body Down
7. Respect
8. Come Back Home
9. Tell Me
10. Nothing To Lose
11. No Mercy
12. Yesterday’s Gone 

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