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One of the top British bands is the legendary MAGNUM. The unique combination of melodic rock, AOR, classic hard rock and progressive rhythms made it very popular to the mostly European audiences.

The dynamic duo of Tony Clarkin (guitar) and Bob Catley (vocals) along with the excellent Mark Stanway on keyboards is an inexhaustible source of creation and through the years the band offered to us some really great and classic tunes.

So, in 1991, they released their live album titled "The Spirit" which was recorded in the Goodnight LA tour. It is the time that the band makes its grand opening to the American market, and the disk's ,"Goodnight LA", compositions are signed by the great Russ Ballard and Jim Vallance. The producer for that effort was Keith Olsen.

The album did not sell too much and their record company Polydor was disappointed. But the members of MAGNUM also complained back then about the 'poor' promotion. That thing caused the 'divorce' between band and the record label.

In the "The Spirit" album, the band shows off its incredible talent on stage although there are moments when the production does not help. Awesome songs like "On A Storyteller's Night", "Kingdom Of Madness", "Vigilante", "How Far Jerusalem" and "Rockin 'Chair" are filled with 'dreamy' and epic melodies along with some brilliant performances of the great Bob Catley. Especially when you hear the classic "The Spirit" and the audience seems to be in ecstasy below then the emotion is great ...
HeavyParadise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
01. Introduction 
02. Vigilante 
03. Days Of No Trust 
04. Mama 
05. Need A Lot Of Love 
06. Pray For The Day 
07. Les Morts Dansants 
08. Reckless Man 
09. How Far Jerusalem 
10. The Spirit 
11. On A Storyteller's Night 
12. Rockin' Chair 
13. Kingdom Of Madness 
14. Sacred Hour)
15. When The World Comes Down

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