Wednesday, March 28, 2018

REVIEW : ISSA --- Run With The Pack (Frontiers Music s.r.l., April 2018)

Norwegian melodic rock singer ISSA is back in business with a fifth official full-length record with the title "Run With The Pack" through Frontiers Music s.r.l. Issa is well-known for her top notch releases that include amazing melodies, memorable hooks and choruses and, of course, her superb performances.

This time, Issa partnered with the 'mighty' Alessandro Del Vecchio to work on her new album and to mix things up, brought in the excellent Simone Mularoni of Italian progressive metal giants DGM to play guitar and the line-up is completed with Andrea ToWer Torricini (Vision Divine) and Marco Di Salvia (Kee of Hearts) holding down the rhythm section. The new opus features, also, the extraordinary Deen Castronovo (Revolution Saints, ex-Journey) as a guest in one song.

The album kicks-off with the brilliant melodic rock gem of "Am I Loosing You". Up-tempo and melodic as it gets, this one is the first highlight out of the new record. Next, we have the edgier "Run With The Pack" and the breathtaking"Sacrifice Me" (feat. Deen Castronovo). "Sacrifice Me" is probably THE highlight here; darker, moodier and with a killer melody in it!! Castronovo's vocals are absolute magical!

The pop-ish rock ballad of "The Sound Of Yesterday" is yet another interesting moment while in "Come Back Again" Issa delivers a great and catchy melodic rock song that put a smile in my face. I loved, also, the 'punchier' "Closer To You" and the more commercial tune of "Irreplaceable". Check out also the last song, "Everything To Me", that features a so emotional melody and above all Issa's soulful vocals.

I just love each and every Issa's album, period. One of the best female voices out there, no doubt 'bout that. "Run With The Pack" is yet another solid record form this Norwegian singer full of big melodies, catchy hooks an' choruses, heart-full and passionate vocals and strong songs. A must have for every melodic rock fan out there!

Rating : 8,5/10 

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