Thursday, January 6, 2022

REVIEW : Autumn’s Child - Zenith (Pride & Joy Music, Release Date : 14.01.2022)

The name of Mikael Erladsson is a no stranger among the AOR/Melodic Rock mafia! He has released six successful solo albums and a lot of titles with groups like Phenomena, Salute among others. Between 2006-2018 Erlandsson fronted the Swedish super group Secret Service.

Together with the fantastic guitar player Andy Malecek from the successful German hard rock band Fair Warning he founded the band LAST AUTUMNS DREAM in 2003. Last Autumn’s Dream went on releasing 15 albums with different line ups including great musicians like Jamie Borger (Treat), Marcel Jacob (Talisman), Ian Haugland, Mic Michaeli and John Leven of Europe.

Shortly after the break-up of LAD Erladsson founded the group AUTUMN’S CHILD. Their self-titled debut album was released in January 2019 through AOR Heaven feat. Jona Tee on keyboards (H.E.A.T), Robban Bäck, Claes Andreasson of Swedish Westcoast/AOR band Heartbreak Radio and Pontus Åkesson (Moon Safari). In 2020, the group released the sophomore album "Angel's Gate".

Nowadays, AUTUMN'S CHILD is back in business with a brand new record entitled "Zenith". Imagine the best elements out of Last Autumn's Dream with an updated and more up-beat sound and there you have another amazing release that will make every melodic rock fan extremely happy!!! 

The choruses are out of this world, the guitars are 'crunchy' enough, the rhythm section gives the rhtyhm and Mikael's voice is smooth, passionate and great as always!  

Highlights here are the huge opener tune of "Emergency", the AOR-ish hymn "Evangeline", "Never Say Die", the melodious and moodier "Heaven Can Wait" , the punchier "Angel Of Danger", "Crowdpleaser"and the ultra catchy and very Queen-esque "Don't Wanna". 

A really fantastic and very catchy album by AUTUMN'S CHILD that comes very early this year and it is ready to make some noise among the Melodic Rock freaks out there! A true killer no filler in sight opus that is a must have from every AOR lover!!!

Songwritting : 8
Production : 8
Songs : 9
Musicianship : 10 

Overall Rating : 8,75 / 10 

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