Thursday, March 12, 2020

REVIEW : Dynazty, The Dark Delight (AFM Records, Release: 3 April 2020)

Melodic metal giants DYNAZTY are back with their brand new opus entitled "The Dark Delight". The new record is going to be released through AFM Records on April the 3rd. Originally born back in 2008, Dynazty achieved to build a strong reputation around its name through the years. With amazing and powerful albums such as "Titanic Mass", "Renatus" or the more anthemic "Sultans Of Sin" Dynazty is considered one of the leaders of its kind of today's melodic metal scene.

 The "The Dark Delight" continues with the same passion, the same power and the same attitude where "Firesign", their last opus, left. All the songs here are pure melodic metal bliss at their highest order and they include in-your-face vocals by the one and only Nils Molin (one of the best performers in the metal scene in general), sharp and heavy guitars and a strong rhythm section that you can feel in your bones. 

The first couple of songs that kick-off "The Dark Delight" (Presence Of Mind and Paradise Of The Architect) are both superb slices of pure and updated melodic metal at its best. Great and tight arrangements, powerful and soaring performances and some inspired/edgy guitars enough to make your head bang for days. The choruses are delightful and in my humble opinion both tracks are great samples of the new Dynazty.  Next, in "The Black" we have a more staright forward melodic hard rock track with, again, an excellent chorus line while in "From Sound To Silence" the band is delivering a more progressive aggressive metal tune (and probably their heaviest tune ever!!) that the sure thing is that will attract some heavier fans as well.   
"Hologram" is one of my personal favourites out of "The Dark Delight". Melodic as it gets, heavy and with a darker and moodier vibe in it "Hologram" is one of the new opus' highlights!! Nils Molin's vocals really shine here and in general is one of the best tracks that I've heard this year so far. I also have to add that the guitar solo is breathtaking. "Heartless Madness" is movin' to some Amarnathe-esque paths and it's more anthemic. The chorus line is genious I would dare to say and I can't stop whistling it!! "Waterfall" is epic while in the more 'technical'"Threading The Needle" we have the well-known proggressive 'pinches' to haunt each moment here. In "The Man And The Elements" Dyanzty dare to put some 'new' Celtic/Irish elements in their music and I have to say that I like it a lot!! The fast-paced "Apex" (great and anthemic once again...), the moodier "The Road To Redemption" and the amazing  and ultra melodious last song of "The Dark Delight" are all three in one word AMAZING!!! 

Dynazty's newest opus, "The Dark Delight", is without any doubt their best opus to-date, period! More mature, more 'technical", more ballsy and heavier than ever "The Dark Delight" is what I call top class melodic metal stuff. Really there's no filler in sight, no bad moment here; each and every single moment is flawed to perfection and with "The Dark Delight" Dynazty creates  a future classic! Buy or die!!!

Songwritting : 10
Production: 10
Musicianship : 10
Songs : 10 
Overall Rating : 10/10 

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