Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Aerodyne is a new Swedish melodic hard rock band and "Breaking Free" is entitled the band's debut record. Aerodyne was formed back in 2016, in Gothenburg, and nowadays they are ready to bring their powerful hard rock to the world.

Singer Daniel Almqvist says about this debut record: "With Breaking Free, we wanted to do something honest. Most new albums I come across tend to be very well produced and slick as though with no heart in it, so we wanted our album to be the opposite - raw and genuine, as we think rock n’ roll should be all about - and I think we did a pretty good job."
The opening tune of "As Above, So Below" is the first highlight of the new album. Simple, rocking as hell, powerful and of course with tons of attitude. Imagine something between early Crashdiet and Crazy Lixx and you'll get the picture of it! Tasty! "Comin' For You", "Breaking Free" and "Aerodynamic" are all three ass-kickin' and raw hard rock tracks that feature a bad-ass attitude, heavy guitars, loud as f@#k choruses enough to make you scream for more. "Until You're Gone" includes a big groove, gang-bang vocals, a crazy solo and a faster-sleazier sound in it that makes it another highlight out of this debut. "Run Away" is a more straight forward rocker and it's among my personal favorites here.

Aerodyne is a band that continues the legacy of bands such as Crashdiet, Crazy Lixx and Hardcore Superstar and leaves us hungry for more!. I'll keep an eye on them, that's for sure. Excellent and solid debut album that can't be missed by each and every single fan of the New Wave Of Swedish Sleaze Metal!!!!! 

Rating : 8,4/10

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