Saturday, May 13, 2017


The brand new hope from the Swedish melodic hard rock scene is called The Grand Masquerade!! Yes, this 4-piece melodic hard rock sensational is aiming at big, really big, things in the near future. Their music is pure late 80's melodic hard rock with some strong AOR pinches that makes the final result a must purchase for each and every fan of this scene.

"MMXVI" is entitled the band's debut EP and, to be honest, it is on a daily basis in my cd player! I just love it! Strongly influenced by the late 80's melodic heavy rock scene, The Grand Masquerade take the best from every decade and creates a sound that is unbeatable! You can, also, listen to some strong elements from bands such as Brother Firetribe and H.E.A.T. but these four rockers put also their own mark and make The Grand Masquerade so special.

The first tune of the EP is entitled "By My Side" and it's the first highlight!! Amazing performances, huge guitar work and a chorus line to die for!! Do you want more? Then check out, also, the next one, "I Get This Feeling", which is another killer anthem!! Delicious stuff!! "Those Days Are Gone" is a more 80's straight forward rocker with a haunting melody in it and, again, some great guitar licks. "Say You're Mine" is a nice mid-tempo while in "Live It Up" we are dealing with a superb up-tempo and full of attitude melodic rock gem!!

Excellent just excellent melodic hard rock/AOR stuff!!! Even though it's about a 5-track EP, it blew me away with its polished sound, the great and ultra-catchy songs, the solid arrangements and left me hungry for more! Buy or die!!!!

Rating : 10/10

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