Tuesday, March 22, 2016

REVIEW : WILD ROSE / 4 (2016)

When it comes to a band like the Greeks Wild Rose, you know what to expect; plenty of melodies, beautiful harmonies, emotional performances, catchy songs and a late 80's AOR vibe. After three superb and extremely melodic records, nowadays these AOR-sters are back to present us their brand new opus which is entitled "4".

For this new release, Wild Rose and their original singer George Bitzios join their forces and the result is, once again, amazing.

"Desperate Heart", the first single, is pure melodic rock bliss and for sure, one of the album's highlights!! Smooth, melodic and with a catchy chorus line to sing-a-long....do you want more? Next "Love Can Change You", a more straight forward rocker, is another great sample of Wild Rose's music. Simple, melodic and always in an old-fashioned way that will please even the most difficult fan of this scene. "Summer Girl" and "Time After Time" are both very good while in "Love Games" we have a killer commercial AOR tune that features a 'punchier' chorus, excellent arrangements and a 'tasty' guitar work!! In "Hot Wired", the boys gettin' heavier and in "Save The Night" Wild Rose performing one of the best ballads that I've heard since ages!!! In "Broken Hearted", "Waiting For You" and the last one, "Don't Let Me Down" (another highlight) the beautiful melodic rock/AOR show continues!

Wild Rose is back with this killer release!! Wild Rose is a band that stays true to its roots and gettin' better and better with each album. "4" is, in my humble opinion, a step forward for the band regarding of the sound, the melodies, the performances, the songwriting and generally the songs. A must have for each and every true AOR fan out there!!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1. Desperate Heart, 2. Love Can Change You, 3. Summer Girl, 4. Time After Time, 5. Love Games, 6. Hot Wired, 7. Save The Night, 8. Broken Hearted, 9. Waiting For You, 10. Don't Let Me Down

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