Friday, December 4, 2015

REVIEW : OAK / Oak (EP-2015)

Based stone-rockers OAK that were formed in 2015 in London are releasing their EP, which includes four tracks and combines perfectly the classic Brit rock sound with groove, heavy guitars and lots of attitude!!

All four tracks are powerful, in-your-face and the variety of sounds makes the final result extremely interesting. The sound is raw and gives the impression that you are in a live gig! The vocalist, Andy Valliant really shines here with his rough and 'deep' voice and the rhythm section is tight as hell. I think that OAK's best sample here is the groovy and powerful opening tune of "All Above". "Queen Of This Land" is okay while the 7 minute "Ride With Me" grabs you with its almost Black Sabbath-esque dark guitar sound and Valliant's impressive raw vocals!!! "Dissolve" closes this EP perfectly. A rockier tune with some excellent guitar licks and a more straight forward sound.

For sure, OAK's new EP left me with the best impressions, no doubt 'bout that. This 4-piece rock band  from London stays true to its roots of the classic Brit stoner rock scene, puts the necessary groove and attitude and, at the end, achieves to release a solid project.

Rating : 7,5/10

Track Listing :  All Above, Queen Of This Land,  Ride With Me, Dissolve

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