Thursday, November 7, 2013


"Take your time to listen to your soul, identify your talents, and let your passion grow. Live your life to the full, explore your possibilities, seek opportunities and overcome your limits. Walk the time of your existence." When I first got my promo for Heretic's Dream new album, I crushed upon these so emotional and true words and I have to admit that they touched my soul. I, also, said to myself that, if the music of Heretic's Dream is so good as these words, then I can't wait to push the 'play' button!!!

So, let's see first who is Heretic's Dream. The band consists of Francesca Di Ventura on lead vocals, Andrej Surace on guitars, Carlo Nicolucci on guitars, Maurilio Di Stefano on drums &flute and Jacopo Greci on bass. The Heretic’s Dream project was born in 2010 when guitarist Andrej Surace and singer Francesca Di Ventura came to the UK. Due to their different musical influences ranging from various forms of Death Metal & hardcore to more melodic mainstream sounds found within pop rock/metal, their music was not pinned down to any genre and it held itself well within its diversity, also with the added help of English bass player Rick Sivier, who provided a classic groove bass approach and assisted in the early stages of the song writing process. After a debut album and many live gigs with well-known artists/bands, the band is ready to make the next step with this new release which is entitled "Walk The Time".

"Outcasted" is the opening track and it's about a heavy in-your-face modern rocker with a nu-metal riff and Francesca's sweet vocal lines. The chorus line is catchy and it's a really nice start and a nice introduction of their sound! "Chains Of Blood" is again a great sample of modern metal/gothic stuff with solid arrangements, the necessary melody, strong performances and very good guitar work. "Behind The Mirror" features some progressive pinches while "Dream's Falling" is movin' to some more hardcore-nu metal paths. Not bad at all but not my cup of tee!!! Next, "I Believe In You" is a slower cut that includes some flute lines that's givin' the extra flavor to this extraordinary song. Excellent stuff!!! "Shockwave" is a great and catchy rocker, and one of my favorites, "Fighting Time" is a cool pop-ish track and "Connections" is a rather average! "Broken Silence" is an emotional mid-tempo tune with a 'darker' vibe while in "Before the Storm" we have an up-tempo rhythm with very good arrangements. The album closes with the heavy tune of "The Next Level".

All in all this is an extremely interesting release. The variety of styles here make "Walk The Time" a very good purchase for every fan of the rock scene in general.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7,5/10

Track List :
 1. Outcasted
2. Chains of blood
3. Behind the mirror
4. Dreams falling
5. Believing in you
6. Shockwave
7. Fighting time
8. Connections
9. The broken silence
10. Before the storm
11. The next level

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